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Stop thinking about the qualities you want in a partner. It’s their negative traits and behaviors that will make you miserable.

Dr. Georgiana Spradling
Your Expert Emotional Intelligence
Relationship Coach

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Relationship Coach and author, Dr. Georgiana holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, a Certification as a Domestic Violence Counselor and a Certificate as an Anger Management Facilitator. She is a published author and expert on Emotional Intelligence and Relationships. Over the past 20 years , she has guided hundreds of couples and individuals to choose, manage or leave relationships.

“While we are focused on the things we want in a partner, we forget to consider the things we don’t want that will ultimately create conflict and potentially make our lives miserable. I call these “non-negotiables” and they are key to deciding if a particular partner is right for you.”

Relationship Coach, Dr. Georgiana

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“Choosing a partner is easy. Avoiding the wrong partner is hard."

"Any trait in a partner you can’t live with can outweigh ten of their qualities."

"Trust Yourself, Don’t stop evaluating, Don’t sell yourself short!"

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