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Want to have the right partner?

Learn to detect
unhealthy traits and behaviors
in others!

The relationship book that reveals what you need to know to avoid regret

Relationship Book titled: “Don’t Get Stuck With The Wrong Partner”

When we are dating or in a relationship it can be so easy to get caught up in the positive aspects of the person, that we can overlook the warning signs that they are not really right for us.

This 60-page e-book will help you increase your Emotional Intelligence and detect unhealthy traits and behaviors in anyone you are dating or committed to.

It is a popular and easy-to-read guide that will show you:

  • 60 questions that will help you truly know who your current or potential partner is
  • 10 dimensions that may reveal inconsistent, unhealthy or harmful patterns of behavior in that person
  • suggestions on how to interpret any behavior inconsistencies that you may find


Not having a system with which to evaluate people that you come in close contact with can be a costly mistake. It can leave you vulnerable to individuals who have traits or behaviors that are unhealthy or harmful. This can lead to wasted time, emotional upheaval, loss of resources, reduced options in your life an physical harm!

Why continue to struggle with the wrong partners when you can learn to choose the one who will make you truly happy?

Get your e-book now and be much closer to the healthy relationship that you have always dreamed of!


It's easy to get the e-book, just click on the link below.


Kelly Reagan

"Dr. Georgiana's e-book is extremely useful if you are dating. It opens your eyes and makes you realize how much you may have missed about others in the past. I feel relieved to have it."

"This e-book is great! I recommend it to many of my patients who are unhappy with their previous choice of partners. And they love it. "

"Dr. Georgiana's e-book is a wonderful guide for anyone who is involved with a dysfunctional and/or harmful relationship. It is also very helpful for those who need or want a concise and informational guide to navigate all types of relationships. This is truly worth reading."

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