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I am honored
to give you expert
relationship advice.

How can Relationship Coaching help you help you decide whether “You Should Stay Or Go”?


Relationship Coaching with a focus on Emotional Intelligence will help you:

How we can work together:

I coach individuals and couples in English or Spanish, in my San Francisco office (Pacific Heights), on the telephone or online.

  • Step 1: Decide what you want to resolve (i.e., choose the right partner, evaluate a particular person, manage thoughts, feelings or behaviors, improve communication, negotiate, resolve conflict, leave a committed relationship, move past an old commitment)
  • Step 2: Sign-up for a 25-minute FREE Consultation (scroll down and press the orange button “I Want A Free Consultation”)
  • Step 3: Choose a single session or a package (individual or couple)
  • Step 4: Sign-up through the link I will provide you during the FREE Consultation.

Coaching and Assessments

OPTION 1: An individual or couples’ session (50 or 75 minutes).

OPTION 2: A relationship Coaching Package of 6 or more sessions (Packages available at a discount).

OPTIONAL ASSESSMENT: An in-depth online assessment based on Emotional Intelligence to help you identify the skills needed to achieve your relationship goals (includes a PDF report).

To speed up your progress, when you sign-up for Coaching, you will get several online questionnaires to fill-out. Dr. Georgiana will review them in-between sessions.

Contact me

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Sign-up Today for a FREE 25-minute Consultation!

We will explore one of your relationship concerns and identify one goal to work on.

Living with relationship struggles is not necessary. You deserve to have the partnership you always dreamed of. 

Skype and telephone sessions

Available during the week and some weekends.


I Coach in English, Spanish and French.

In-office Relationship Coaching sessions

Available during the week only, including evenings.

News & Insights

“Choosing a partner is easy. Avoiding the wrong partner is hard."

"Any trait in a partner you can’t live with can outweigh ten of their qualities."

"Trust Yourself, Don’t stop evaluating, Don’t sell yourself short!"

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