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Are you tired of dating the wrong people?

Watch my FREE Video Series on avoiding the wrong partner

FREE 4-Part Video Series

“How To Avoid Dating The Wrong Partner So You Can Be With The One Who Will Truly Make You Happy.”

How this video series can change how you look at your relationships.

Research shows that most people choose dating partners based on 4 things:

  1. Looks and attraction
  2. Age
  3. Shared interests
  4. Specific qualities

Yet finding a person that meets these requirements can still lead to an unhappy relationship. This suggests that there is more to a successful partnership than a simple wish list. A relationship doesn’t fail because a partner ceases to be beautiful or no longer enjoys city breaks. Contrary to popular dating advice, it fails because there is a problem between two people that has bigger implications than the benefits of physical attraction or shared interests. In focusing our attention on the things we want in a partner, we too frequently overlook the things we don’t want-those negative traits and behaviors that will ultimately be at the heart of conflict and impasse. Unless you know what makes you unhappy and how to identify it in the people that you are dating, you are more likely to end up disappointed and wondering what you missed.


In this FREE 4-Part Video Series, I share with you a proven system for identifying the negative traits and behaviors that you must avoid in potential partners. This system is the result of over twenty years of experience in giving dating advice and helping people struggle with their choice of partner and the aftermath of bad relationships. Following the simple steps that I propose in this video series can save you from wasting valuable time and emotions on the wrong person, keep you psychologically and physically safe and increase your chances of dating the partner that you are looking for and deserve.

You'll Discover:

The 2 simple secrets that will help you decide if he or she is a keeper (or if you should move on)

How your emotions convince you to overlook your dates’ worst traits, and how to see who they really are on day-one

The 3-step process that exposes everything that can make your life a living hell and how it saves you from conflict and regret

During this groundbreaking FREE video series, I will teach you to evaluate dating partners the right way. Over the course of several days, I will give you essential tools and insights you need in order to see beyond your assumptions and discover the true nature of anyone you get involved with. With these tools at your disposal, you will feel safer, less disappointed with the result of your choices and closer to finding a relationship that will last.


I am honored to be part of your journey to date the right partner and look forward to seeing you in video #1.

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Anthony G., New York, USA

"This Video Series was great. It taught me a lot I did not know."

Maria. K., Madrid, Spain

"Dating will be less scary now because I know what to avoid. Thank you!"

Stephanie P., San Francisco, USA

"Thank you Dr. Georgiana for opening my eyes"

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